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A friend gave us some cucumbers from their garden (my favorite) and for the first time ever I took the time to really look at the cucumbers. It was in this moment I realized how awesome they are on the inside. Not to mention I didn’t even want to eat them because of how good it made my kitchen smell….but who am I kidding - I ate all the delicious slices AFTER photographing their awesomeness.

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So I finished “Drink Deep” today and like the other Chicagoland Vampires books it was awesome.

But WHAT THE FUCK Mallory, what the hell are you doing and why do you think it’s the right thing to do!??!!
Oh god…

And I really am glad that Ethan is alive again - or whatever you call it, considering…

I feel guilty when I think about Jonah x Merit … but I can’t help myself!! I mean they practically ZINGED!!

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